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Trip to Taipei, Taiwan

I recently traveled to Taipei, Taiwan.

My first time in Taiwan was very exciting and it gave me a lot of inspiration.

I visited Taipei City, Shifen, Jiufen, and the Keelung area.

I took photos of people's daily lives and the Taiwanese culture that Taiwan has developed over its long history.

These are just a few of the things I saw, hope you enjoy them.


Jiufen is famous for its lanterns throughout the city and its historic architecture and temples, which give visitors a sense of Taiwan's history.

The town is quiet and peaceful in the morning and bustling with many people at night. I have experienced both.

I would recommend staying the night and walking around the city early in the morning.


Shifen is famous for its lanterns.

People write their wishes on lanterns and send them into the sky.

It is said that in the old days, when bandits appeared in the area, villagers would hide in the mountains and wait for the bandits to leave, using lanterns to communicate with each other.

Nowadays, the lanterns have become a symbol of "prayers for happiness," and the custom has been passed down from generation to generation.

Also, an old train passes by this location every hour.

This is also what the place is famous for.


I went out this time in a minor place of Keelung.

I thought I would be able to see people's daily lives rather than the famous places.

As I was walking through the city, I was approached by several residents.

They told me that it was unusual for tourists to come here.

If you want to see everyday scenery that you won't find in touristy places, I suggest you come here.

By the way, I visited the Daitian Temple area.

台北(Taipei city)

People who go to Taiwan always visit Taipei city.

Transportation in Taipei is convenient, and tourists can visit various famous places by bus, train or taxi.

Especially, Taipei 101 is known as the city's iconic landmark.

I was looking for a hotel where I could see this tower from a room and I found a very nice hotel.

By the way, the name of the hotel is Park Taipei Hotel.

The staff is nice and the hotel is clean. There are restaurants and convenience stores nearby.

If you are looking for good hotel in Taipei, I recommend staying here.

Next time I go to Taiwan I would like to visit Tainan and Taichung.

I hope that day will come soon.

Photos by Riki Shinagawa

Photographer based in Kyoto, Japan

Taken by X-T4 & Leica Q2

All photos are edited by my Lightroom presets


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